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TL4020-40A Model cricket score websites Laser Metal Cutting Machine
  • High stability machine structure
  • Max. cutting size:4000*2000MM
  • PRECITEC laser cutting head.
  • The laser cutting head features automatic focus pre-adjustment function.
  • User-ftiendly operation interface.
  • Follow-up tye dust collection system with divided areas.
  • Max. feed rates on X,Y-axis:120m/min
  • Advanced laser control function.
Model Unit TL4020-40A
Movement method   3axes simultaneously controlled
Control method   TAILIFT
Machining range(X*Y) Mm 4000*2000
Travel(X*Y*Z) Mm -256~4010*2050*200
Machining speed Mm/min 43m/min Stainless
Feed rate Mm/min 170
Acceleration   2G
Min control unit(X/Y) Mm 0.03/1000
Repeatability accuracy Mm +-20
Power source   Ac 3 ph.4 wires 380v 50HZ
Power supply Kva 76
Resonator   Nlight Corona 4000W
Wave length of laser Nm 1070+-10
Laser source position   Beside the machine
Laser head   Automatic focus pre-adjustment cutting head
Focusing distance for laser head   Procutter F75/150
Auxiliary gas for cutting    AIR 16bar/Oxygen 10bar
/Nitrogen 25bar
Table type   Pallet Changer
Moving speed(X*Y) m/min 120/120
Max.workpiece load Kg 2000
Approx.machine dimensions(L*W*H) Mm 10500*3380*2300
Approx machine
ton 11
Carbon steel

Carbon steel

High reflective material
Model FL2000 / FL3000
Product Machinery support Machine body cover part Metal Gasket
Material 10mm Carbon steel 6mm Carbon steel 3mm brass
Assistive Gas Oxygen Oxygen Nitrogen
  • High reflective material : stainless steel, Aluminum, copper, brass.