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5 Simple Basketball Inbound Plays (Perfect for Youth Basketball)

5 Simple Basketball Inbound Plays (Perfect for Youth Basketball) 1. Scorer (SLOB). Simple play to get the team’s best scorer attacking the basket immediately off the inbound pass. 2. Middle Split (BLOB). This basketball inbounds play from the baseline is designed to quickly get the team’s ...

Inbounds underneath the basket - Winning Hoops

Inbounds underneath the basket. DIAGRAM 1: This is the initial set up on the inbounds play. Put the tallest player (5) just in front of the rim facing the ball. 4, who is your best low-post finisher, and 3, your wing, are at the top of the key even with the sides of the lane. 2 should be a good wing shooter, but also needs to be a good passer and decision maker.

Top 5 Baseline Inbounds Basketball Plays - YouTube

These are my top 5 favourite Baseline inbounds plays that you can run with your team, and that I run with my team as well. The fifth best baseline inbounds p...

Basketball Out of Bounds Plays | Basketball Inbounds Plays ...

This baseline inbounds play works well against a man-to-man defense. It's simple to run with an easy inbounds pass and a screen that will create an great scoring opportunity right at the hoop. When the official hands the basketball to O3, O5 slides high to receive the pass from O3.

3 Proven Under-the-Basket Inbounds Plays Perfect for All ...

Add some exciting new elements to your playbook this season with these proven under-the-basket inbounds plays. The following sets — designed to counter and surprise any defensive scheme — will give your team a crucial edge during pressure situations. Be sure to read through each play description before watching them simulated live on the basketball court.

2 Simple Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays For All Occasions

Line Under. This is a great play to get the ball to your post player under the basket for some easy baskets. Play sets up with 4 man on the block directly in front of the ball. 5 man on the opposite block. 1 and 3, as potential shooters wide and deep in the corners. 2 is taking the ball out.

25 Unstoppable Inbound Plays - Mens Basketball Hoopscoop

Double – Hall of Fame coach Hubie Brown walks through a “double” sideline inbounds play that gives you the look you need for a game-winning basket using double screens and back screens to create several inside and outside scoring opportunities.

Baseline Out of Bounds Plays - Hoop Student

Baseline out of bounds plays are special inbound plays alongside sideline out of bounds plays that are executed under the basket and can be used to create quick easy scores. These types of plays can be effective against man to man defense or against zone defense such as the 2-3 zone. In addition, baseline out of bounds plays utilize types of screens such as ball screens and flare screens to create a variety of scoring possibilities.