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11 Soccer Positions Explained (Roles and Responsibilities)

While some soccer positions such as the goalkeeper are solely dedicated to preventing the opposition from scoring, most defenders now have a responsibility to attack too. Just as most attackers are expected to defend. This continuing evolution of tactics and formations is one of the joys of the beautiful game.

The Soccer Positions Explained! All Roles And Responsibilities

Defending Midfielder: The Defending Midfielder is the Midfielder position most in sync with the Defense team. The primary responsibility for this role is to get the ball from the Defense players and to get it across the field to the attacking players, with the help of all the other Midfielder players.

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Responsibilities . Score goals; Maintain possession in the opponent’s area; Usually take kickoffs and corner kicks; Stay in front of midfielders and in an offensive position; Avoid being offside; Establishing set positions within a team should not be the sole focus at the youth level.

Know Your Soccer Positions, Responsibilities, and Formations

Let’s take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of the various soccer positions. Defense Most defenses will be a goalie and four players, two centers, and two wide.

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Defenders/Backs: These are the field players closest to the net. They are responsible for protecting the goalie, blocking shots and stopping the other team’s offensive players from passing, receiving, shooting and scoring. More specifically, there can be center backs, fullbacks, wingbacks and one sweeper.

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What In the World Is A 6? U.S. Soccer Numbers – Explained. Why has U.S. Soccer transitioned to this soccer number system? According to Dave Chesler, Currently a performance analysis coach with the USWNT, “A standard numbering system for positions and their roles provides a concise and common method of communicating technical information about individual and team play.

Soccer Positions Explained: Names, Numbers And Roles

Full-backs [Right & Left] (RB/LB) Traditionally Assigned Soccer Position Numbers: 2, 3 & 6. Full-backs are in charge of blocking the other team’s wingers and wide midfielders and to prevent them ...

Soccer Numbering Systems: Positions & Responsibilities 2021

Soccer Numbering Systems: Positions #1 Goalkeeper – Keeper – Stopper (GK) Goalkeeper’s Position, Role and Responsibilities #2 Right Full-Back – #3 Left Full-Back / Wing Back (RB-LB-WB) Full-backs’ Position, Role and Responsibilities #4 + #5 Center-Backs (CB) Center Backs’ Position, Role and Responsibilities #6 + #8 Center-Midfield (CM)